Recognizing, educating, and advocating for dyslexic students


Therese Hass

Therese Hass is the coach for R.E.A.D.S pilot program, Read by 3 Columbus. Therese brings more than seven years experience in teaching. Therese works closely with teachers and the students with special needs.

Brian Mormino

For our cause Brian is first a parent of Max, a child with dyslexia.  After several years in the process of finding Max the right help to learn to read, like many others, Brian discovered that there are few resources in the Columbus area. He supported his family traveling multiple times a week to Seymour and Indianapolis for testing, tutoring and camps. With years working in the U.S. Senate on public policy and holding his current position as Executive Director of worldwide Environmental Strategy and Compliance at Cummins, Inc., he committed to make an impact on the larger Columbus area.

Adrienne Mormino
Adrienne is the other parent of Max.  She was astonished that despite a masters degree in teaching and a background in early childhood education her skill set could not help her son and disheartened at the reality that most teacher education programs fail to instruct pre-service teachers in ways that would help the 1-in-5 dyslexic students in our schools.  Adrienne is at home with the youngest member of the Mormino family and is currently a member of a children’s ministry curriculum design team.

Jahon Hobbeheydar

Jahon currently works for Cummins, Inc as the Executive Director of Corporate Strategy.  Jahon’s professional background is primarily in strategy with prior experience with The Boston Consulting Group, Diamond Technology Partners (now part of PWC), and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.  Jahon has an MS and BS in Physics from Yale University and Hamilton College.